Thursday, 24 July 2014

It's A Summer Smoothie

I love the effect of summer on my skin - a natural tan looks healthy, and a good amount of sunlight makes skin glow. However, the sun can dry out skin too. As bad as pale legs are, flaky legs are that bit worse. The UK has harder water than the rest of Europe, which not only causes lime scale but dries out hair and skin too. That's why you may have noticed how much smoother and silkier your skin and hair are when abroad in other European countries, for example Spain, Holland, Germany and Italy. 

I'm sure most of you know that the best way to get smoother skin is to exfoliate and moisturise. However, I have quite sensitive skin on my legs therefore wanted to find a scrub that wouldn't irritate them. 

I love the different Body Shop ranges - I normally shop their cocoa butter, olive oil and tea tree lines. I'd heard good things about Body Shop scrubs, so thought I'd give one a go. I don't like scrubs too fragranced as I find they don't exfoliate as well as non fragranced ones. Also, added fragrance can irritate sensitive skin like mine.

I went for the Coconut scrub as it smells nice but not too strong, and the scrub itself has the right consistency - it's fairly milky and creamy but has plenty of exfoliating beads to scrub away dead skin cells seen in flaking skin. It's gentle enough to use all over the body, but I don't use it on my face as I have St Ives Apricot Scrub for that purpose.

I loved the results and immediately noticed softer and healthier looking skin. I use it once a week, or twice if I've been wearing skinny jeans that have been rubbing against my legs all day - oh how we suffer. Additionally, the coconut scent oozes a tropical summer vibe, so it's basically a holiday in my bathroom (...I said 'basically'....). 

This product is a must for those looking for smooth summer skin, and I would definitely continue to use it during the winter as it really nourishes skin in areas like my legs, which tend to be a problem all year round. 

It's time for that summer scrub y'all. 

G x

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