Friday, 9 May 2014

Essie Nails!

I've been a Shellac fan for some time now, but have recently been too busy to find time to go to the nail salon. I was given an Essie nail polish in Naughty Nautical and was really impressed by it's strong colour and resistance to chipping. I'm not someone who normally has a lot of patience with nail polishes (hence why I prefer Shellac), so it was a relief that it wasn't messy or easily chipped!

As a result, I bought two other Essie colours: Pink-A-Boo (pink bottle) and Lollipop (red bottle). They were both £10.95 each. I have yet to try Lollipop, but I'm currently wearing Pink-A-Boo. It's sparklier than I thought it would be and does need about 3 coats in order to develop that bubblegum pink colour. It does still look nice with just one layer, especially if you're looking for a light and sheer touch. Pink-A-Boo also chips more easily than Naughty Nautical but I've heard that Essie polishes do vary in terms of long wear. I like the colour, but I don't love it. There are better baby pink shades (my favourite is OPI's Mod About You, £11.50). Even with a top coat protection layer, I had to top up the colour quite a few times. It also dries quite streaky and has to be retouched, so it's not the best nail polish to use if you're in a rush. However after a week of wearing it I am slowly falling in love with the colour - it's a cute pastel shade for spring. 

Overall, I would recommend Essie nail polishes as a lot of them have fantastic colouring and stay on your nails for ages, but it can be quite hit and miss. I'm still looking forward to trying Lollipop and will keep you all posted!

G x

Update: Here is what Lollipop looks like! I am in love with this shade, it's the perfect summer red.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - go and get the t-shirt from Primark!!! Haha :)

    Love these colours - I really love Essie, it's one of my favourite brands for quality and colours....I also really like Sinful Colors!! :)

    Layla x