Thursday, 22 May 2014

City Chic

I recently took a short trip to Turin and Milan in Italy. The weather was really sunny and fairly warm, but it wasn't hot enough to walk around in short sleeves. You know those in-between periods, where you're not quite sure what to wear?

I'm happy that I made the wise decision of bringing three items in particular:

Trench Jacket - not as long as the coat version (so we can avoid Sherlock Holmes-type looks), this was perfect as it was really light so I didn't get too hot walking around, the material protected me from the rain, and it was easy to fold up and chuck in my bag when the weather got hotter. I bought mine in a vintage shop but I've found a great replica here. 

Black Jeggings ASOS Rivington High Waist Denim Jeggings in Clean Black at £25 to be precise. I normally avoid jeggings like the plague as I find that they lose their elasticity after a while and just become baggy and unflattering. However, I've had this ASOS pair for quite some time now and they are (arguably) my favourite trousers. They're stylish, they're comfortable, they can be worn during the daytime or for nights out, and most importantly, they're black. What more could a girl want?

Heeled Boots - Obviously it's impossible to sightsee in scraping stilettos, but I don't like wearing flat shoes all the time as I don't think it's great for my posture and Italian streets are quite cobblestoned and uneven, so I can feel every nook and cranny beneath my feet. These MAMBO Fur Lined Lace Up Boots from Topshop were amazing. The heel is about 3 inches and chunky so it doesn't exert too much pressure. Additionally, the sole is gripped similarly to Doc Martens and the boot itself takes the shape of a Converse. Like the trousers, these were great day to night shoes and I found them the perfect pair of shoes to balance style and comfort! At only £36, I'd buy them again - Topshop also sell the platform version for those who like a bit of chunk in their step!

The first picture below is of me by the River Po, where I just happened to be wearing all three items! The other pictures further down are of myself in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, where the weather was a bit colder and I teamed the look with a scarf and light knit. 

(Apparently it's good luck to put your heel on the lion's balls and turn three times, so when in Milan...)

G x

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