Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New Balances

I've been contemplating getting a pair of New Balance trainers for a while but kept putting it off as I'm so used to Nike trainers. However I eventually decided to give them a go - I really liked their simple design as it means they can go with a lot of different styles and outfits. They're not 'statement trainers' like Air Maxes, so they're fairly adaptable and versatile.

I know that the New Balance 574s are really popular, but I chose to go for the 373 pair in Navy, £49.99. Their shape is more feminine and they're extremely lightweight and comfortable! They're also cheap as far a trainers go - the 373s are around £50, and the 574s around £60-70. 

I find that I wear them everywhere and not as a conscious choice but because they're so easy to throw on and dash out the house with if you're in a rush. They're great for sightseeing with too, as I can walk around in them for hours and not get sore feet or blisters. 

Since I bought mine I feel like I've noticed EVERYONE wearing NBs in and around London -they look great on guys and gals alike. There are some cool colour combos as well, including blue and orange, pink and grey, green and purple etc. I can't wait to see this trend during our (hopefully) sunny summer, I can picture NBs as festival and rave trainers. 

G x

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